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Stuart Ranch

EP & DH Stuart RAnch 2013-3

Weather and deer permitted on this Stuart Ranch hunt!  Thank you to our cameraman Jason Parker and Special Thanks to Stuart Ranch Outfitters for allowing Eddie Priefert and Dave Henry sharpen their skills with their PSE Bows.  Clay Forst of the Stuart Ranch in Caddo, Oklahoma wrapped up muzzleloader season with these two bow kills from Eddie and Dave.  Be sure to visit to plan your next free range, one of a kind hunting experience on 45,000 acres of privately owned, well managed land!


Dave Henry – Buck at Caddo OK

2013-11-089512.15.29Dave Henry put this nice buck down with his PSE bow in Caddo, Oklahoma. Thank you Stuart Ranch Outfitters for helping Dave find his way back to the deer! Let’s hope PBB Host Eddie Priefert will drop one in the next couple of days as well!

Nate Priefert – Mule Deer

Nate MO hunt-2.jpeg

Its mule deer time in Montana for Nate Priefert! This week Nate hunted down this mulie in the cold weather with the help of his Huskemaw scope! Thank you Michael McCollum for these nice visuals!

Stuart Ranch Bow Hunt, Caddo OK

In conjunction with the Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association, the Priefert Backwoods Bloodline team of Eddie Priefert, Dave Henry, and cameraman Jason Parker will be aiming for the best trophy whitetail bucks on the 141 year old Stuart Ranch in Caddo, Oklahoma. Along with Rick Zachary and Stuart Ranch Outfitters manager Clay Forst, Eddie and Dave will be hunting with their PSE Bows amongst rolling, rocky hills, thick hardwoods, and open creek bottoms that are native to the Caddo ranch division. 7S Stuart Ranch is the first ranch to be inducted in the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Hall of Fame (2012) and the oldest ranch in the state of Oklahoma under continuous family ownership. Stay tuned to see the large size bucks they harvest during this hunt! Visit to experience a one-of-a-kind private hunting experience!



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Jonathan Creek Outfitters Hunt

far_fork_368Travis Priefert is headed to Hopkins County, KY for the last 5 days before gun season starts. Jonathan Creek Outfitters has spotted lots of pre-rut activity on their 3200 acre tract of land, which consist of 500 acres of cropland and 2700 acres of timber. Dennis Redden of Jonathan Creek Outfitters and Priefert Backwoods Bloodline are quite optimistic it will all come together November 3rd-8th. Dennis believes this is going to be the best opportunity to get the best shot!

Montana Elk Hunt

IMG_1707November 1-7, 2013 Nate Priefert, Joe Cunningham from Best of West Productions, and camera man Michael McCollum are headed to Montana for 7 days of guns and fun. They are hoping to bring home a trophy bull elk and a monster mule deer from a Montana friend’s wilderness paradise.

The amazing Montana scenery is enough to take in, much less the opportunity to try and find deer and elk the size Nate has put down in the past!

QRS Outdoors


FFA – Colorado Hunt

Thursday, October 24th, Eddie and Dave will fly to the Rocky Mountains to meet up with Quentin Smith of QRS Outdoors. Accompanying them on this hunt will be Don Thorn, the Foundation Director of Colorado State FFA and Snowy Grover, the Colorado State FFA Secratary. Visit to book your next hunt!

Kaonoulu Ranch – Hawaii


Filming crew and Priefert Backwoods Bloodline hosts pulled out of Priefert Manufacturing Wednesday, October 9th bound for Kahului, Hawaii. For the next 8 days the hosts will hike around 10,000 acres of Maui’s beautiful landscape on Rice’s Kaonoulu Ranch. Ken Miranda, will assist the crew on their mission to help rid the island of the overpopulation of axis deer.  The show is currently filming for their 2014 season, expected to air sometime next summer.

Priefert Backwoods Bloodline

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